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Thanks, I updated it but the plugin is still not working. I used different SSH client like filezilla, cyberduck, winscp but failed to replace that file. I am able to move the file to /storage but faile to replace the original file using SSH clients.I also changed the permission for the new file to 775 as the old one. I read in ubuntu it is quite easy to replace librtmp as well as any file. Do a google search for Redpenguin He is on a few boards and he does the librtmp and builds them for EVERY SYSTEM!!!Follow this guide which explains how to replace libraries on stock Open ELEC 3.1.x.There's another guide from tuxen which talks about editing /storage/.profile, but that doesn't work (maybe it once did, but it certainly doesn't now with 3.1.x). Linux Uber-NOOB here (kinda Stranger In A Strange Land) Having got my Open ELEC install running, I'm very cautious not to mess it up with command line antics I don't comprehend.I know the guide is for Open ELEC but I'd imagine the process is very similar if not the same for raspbmc.Well done on getting this far though, if you need any help please feel free to ask.I also have an atv 1 openelec and a mac in which ive used his librtmp and drag n drop to replace!Once u find which xbmc site forum he is on, i believe he explains how to replace each in the wiki from xbmc.org! (as posted above) in Open ELEC the librtmp file is embedded and cannot be altered without uncompressing, modifying and recompressing the SYSTEM file.

Please satisfy yourself as to ## your rights to use the software. it uses a newer version of rtmp (although whether it's new enough is unknown because you didn't state what version you need).If it's not new enough you'll need to self-build and update the version - Open ELEC uncompresses the OS from KERNEL and SYSTEM at boot time so the contents cannot be altered (hence the filesystem is read-only). Any chance this will be included into the the next testing-release?title=HOW...spberry_Pi it might be of some help to you.I think also that one of the maintenance addons has a option to update the librtpm as well.

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