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This two-hour session takes food as its starting point and will begin in Wysing’s onsite café, Café Abantu, with a practical exercise including drawing around food and objects directly onto a tablecloth.

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More coverage: Feminism isn't about one issue, but about equality across a cocktail of issues, according to Tristan Bridges an assistant professor, department of sociology The College at Brockport, State University of New York."Feminism may be about pay equality, while for others it's about immigrant rights," Bridges said.

"When we talk about feminism in mass media it's treated as one thing, but in the classroom we talk about feminisms, because there are lots of feminisms and fem-theories, and feminists have disagreed about what the future looks like since feminism was invented."When it comes to dating, women reported that the rise in gender equality "has made me pickier about potential dates," and "makes me feel more empowered in my dating life.” Shehan said many women may feel better able to better navigate the dating world because they feel like they are on equal playing ground with men.

The course will end with a sharing and discussion of the drawings back in the café.

The course is aimed at people with no drawing experience who would like to try out different kinds of drawing techniques within a supportive group and who would enjoy the opportunity to draw outdoors. To book your place please visit Wysing's Reception or click here.

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