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Donations are used for both the archaeological and geoarchaeological research of the region, including, but not limited to, research supplies, equipment, personnel expenses, and promotion.

A Synopsis of the Survey and Excavation Though claims for pre-Neolithic artifacts on Crete have been made for many decades, the Plakias Survey is the first project to identify Mesolithic and Palaeolithic artifacts in datable geologic contexts.

He is the principal investigator for the South African Coast Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment, Paleoecology, Paleoanthropology (SACP4) project based around Mossel Bay in South Africa at the field locality of Pinnacle Point.

This large international project, funded by the National Science Foundation and the Hyde Family Foundation, employs a transdisciplinary approach to modern human origins, climate and environment.

These heart-healthy gems can be eaten by the handful and can easily replace other nuts in recipes from hummus to pesto."Didn't even have any stripes." Wilkerson never made it out of the store. Marean’s research interests focus on the origins of modern humans, the prehistory of Africa, the study of animal bones from archaeological sites and climates and environments of the past.P.) and Lower Palaeolithic sites (1.5 million years–250,000 years ago) were found.These artifacts not only represent the earliest tools ever discovered on Crete, they also demonstrate very precocious sea faring abilities by our pre- ancestors.

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